Another semester!

Well, I know it’s been awhile since my last post, but I’m into another semester here at the University of Central Missouri and life is crazy! I’m also up to my eyballs with my PhD studies and have no time for a social life, let alone getting out and doing much shooting. I know, I’ve got to shoot something soon, as in photographing something. Odd, to look at the above sentence and see the word “shoot”. Jagon of photography, but to the uninitiated, I suppose it could carry other connotations. Anyway, my colleagues are talking about a trip to the Flint Hills in Kansas for a photo shoot, and that would be nice. Kansas has turned out to be one of my favorite places to photograph landscapes….and no Dorothy, Kansas isn’t flat as a pancake!

Other news. My last post was about my personal project called “Specimens” and just to let you know, I’ve been placed on the gallery schedule at UCM’s Art Gallery Center for a solo-show next year! It may even end up being a multi-media installation, if all goes as planned. More to come on this later. Other stuff. One of my former students, Chad, went back to China for a second year of teaching in Jiujiang. Click on his link and check out the neat shots by this exciting travel photojournalist!

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