Photographing a cookbook in Wisconsin

A family friend has been cooking up some of the most incredible dishes for quite some time. Julie O is a native Wisconsinite, living in Madison and I’ve known her for well over a decade. Her fascination with cooking goes back to her childhood when she and her siblings would sit on their little colored stools in front of their mother’s oven to watch the magic of baking popovers. Her love for cooking eventually led her to being a part-time pastry chef at Quivey’s Grove on Madison’s southwest side. Today, at her day-job at Wisconsin Education Association Council, she has endeared herself to countless fellow employees with culinary treats. Often times she spends hours baking and cooking tasty morsels for fund-raisers and charities.

Not surprisingly, her friends and co-workers have pestered her for years to share her kitchen secrets. This past fall Julie decided to take the plunge and write a cookbook. Her co-workers and friends immediately started placing orders for a book not even written or produced! After hearing about her project, I pondered at length the idea of possibly getting involved. And so, I volunteered my photographic expertise, which happens to be food photography. Needless to say, Julie’s response to my offer was one of excitement! So, during my winter holiday break at the university, I headed up to Madison with a truckload of studio gear and transformed her dinning room into a Hollywood set! We only had a short time to stay up north (with 1.5 feet of snow and more falling), so we produced 24 food shots in three days’ time. No food stylist or photo assistants like in the old days. Just me and a driven chef! Below are some samples from our endeavor. Enjoy!

© 2009 Terry Ownby

© 2009 Terry Ownby

© 2009 Terry Ownby


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