Istanbul Foodie

As many of you know, I’m a food photographer by profession and a foodie by avocation. So, on my recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey, I could not pass up the chance to photograph a few of our meals. Not the best lighting conditions, but the food tasted great regardless!

Traditional Turkish breakfast of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed olives, hard boiled egg, and four kinds of local cheese. Included is a basket of soft bread with creamy white butter soaked in honey. To left is a caffe Americano made from Turkish espresso. In background is plain fried eggs served in skillet and traditional Turkish tea in glass fluted tea cup. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Plain fried eggs (sahanda sade yumurta) served in skillet at Faros in Taksim Square, Istanbul, Turkey. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

I had to try the local beer, which was Efes Light. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

After several Turkish meals, we needed something mild and settled on Cafe Italiano, just a block from our hotel. Here I had a three-cheese tortellini dish with a glass of Efes beer (local Turkish brand). © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Turkish style French fries with curried yogurt sauce, although the young lady chose to dip them in mayonnaise. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Cafe Rumeli in the Old City area of Istanbul serves incredible traditional Turkish and Ottoman dishes. This is grilled prawns with peppers (biber ile ızgara karides). © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Lamb kebabs (kebap) at Rumeli Cafe, in Sultanahmet (Old City), Istanbul, Turkey. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Turkish figs with walnuts, sultanas, and fresh cream. © 2012 Terry Ownby.

Candied pear with ice cream and chocolate sauce, sprinkled with crushed pistachios. © 2012 Terry Ownby.


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