Month: October 2012

Light Orbs at Poague Wildlife Conservation Area

So this past Friday three die-hard photographers ventured out for a freezing night of photographing light orb phenomena at the Poague Wildlife Conservation Area, near Clinton, MO.  Although the temps dropped to 33oF (0.5oC), we had nearly a full moon to conduct our research into live performance art as captured with still-digital imaging technology. Wilson brought along several new light emitting devices, such as LED multi-colored light wands that changed colors and pulsated like strobes. Robert gave a great performance spinning burning steel wool, although during my performance the lanyard broke, sending a fiery trail off into the pond’s shoreline. Fortunately there were no uncontrolled fires!

Of course being this far removed from civilization, we were paid a visit by some local-yokels in their rattrap, exhaust leaking van, while they were spotlighting deer and other game in the woods. I think they were rather surprised to find a bunch of “old” guys in their haunt with tripod-mounted cameras and other paraphernalia. As they whispered to us (I suppose as to not frighten their illegal quarry) about our doings in their neck-of-the-woods, we simply replied that stars where our photographic subject. Once satisfied, they left and we resumed our light painting performance!

Despite the cold evening, the howling coyotes, and the curious kinfolk, we managed to stay warm throughout the performance and some of us enjoyed some ice-cold Guinness stout and Blue Moon winter spiced ale!

© 2012 Terry Ownby

© 2012 Terry Ownby

© 2012 Terry Ownby

A Night of Light Painting at Pape Lake

On a cool Friday evening in October, I joined three other photographic compatriots for some fun light painting at Pape Lake. Since the summer drought had taken its toll on Concordia’s fresh water supply, we had about 25-feet of new, flat shoreline to conduct our colored light experiments upon. While Phil wandered off to conduct his own night photography investigations on the other side of the lake, Wilson, Robert, and myself set up to photograph spinning orbs and fanning glo-sticks. It was a fun night out and was even better when we stopped at Biffle’s BBQ! Here are a few of my first attempts.

Glowing Orb at Pape Lake. © 2012 Terry Ownby

Aura at Pape Lake. © 2012 Terry Ownby

Odd lights at Pape Lake. © 2012 Terry Ownby